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Adoption Criteria

  • The first thing to do when interested in adopting one of our puppies is to explore our site and to make sure you have read over all the important information.

  • Next, you will fill out a puppy application form so we can better decide if a doodle is the best fit for you and your family and what puppy would work best in your home. After you fill out the adoption form we will be in contact with you.  If you haven't heard from me within 7 days of submitting the form, please send me an email.  Sometimes the server does not send me the completed form.

  • Next, you will submit a non-refundable deposit ($250) to reserve your slot on an upcoming or current litter (please let me know the color and sex you are interested in). We will send out photos each week, so that you can watch the puppies grow! We'll let you know how they are progressing. All immunizations and dewormings are done as per NeoTech's schedule, and socialization starts the day the puppies are born with much human handling as well as Neurological Stimulation as described in the Puppy Culture DVDs.  You will feel completely prepared and ready once it's time to transition the puppy from my home to yours.

  • Puppies are selected when the puppies are 6-8 weeks old in the order in which I received your deposit.  It is relatively easy to provide everyone with a gentle-natured Goldendoodle because our puppies take this quality from their parents - our puppies are well known for sweet dispositions and people-loving personalities.

  • The balance on the puppy is due when the puppy is 6-weeks old. Please make a check payable to Becky Demastus.

  • Puppies may not go to their forever homes until they are 8 weeks old.

  • Be sure to have a checkup appointment scheduled with your vet. Remember that puppies should not go out in public until they have had all of their immunizations - this is a must! No public parks, walks in the neighborhood or obedience training outside the home. Some people get an in-home trainer to come and work with the puppy and all the family members, then continue with obedience training classes later when the puppy has had all immunizations.

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