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We absolutely love our sweet boy from Snickersdoodles! Becky is an amazing breeder. She has worked hard to select the healthiest, best temperaments dogs to breed. Our pup was so well behaved even at 8 weeks! Her use of pretraining with puppy culture made the transition so easy for us as new dog owners. Our boy was potty trained within days and only ever had one accident in the house on the first day! Becky follows up with questions quickly and is selective on families to make sure her dogs go to the best homes. We wouldn't get a dog from anywhere else!

Arielle S.

San Angelo, TX


Literally the best thing that ever could have happened to us when we decided to get a family dog. So glad I listened to the multiple friends and acquaintances that recommended SnickersDoodles to us. Otis has been easy from the start. A big ol' teddy bear to our small children and was hardly any trouble to train. We feel very lucky indeed to have a SnickersDoodles pup in our lives. Our 2nd time with SnickersDoodles was still charmed-  we now have TWO doodles. We have had a very similar (and wonderful) experience on our second time around with Becky. Amos is a sweetheart, great with our kids, and not too much trouble to train. He's just about 14wks now and doing great!

Erica M.

Austin, TX


We adopted our sweet Penny from Becky after hearing wonderful things about her from numerous friends who also have her goldendoodles. Becky was phenomenal in her responsiveness, knowledge about safe breeding practices, and support throughout the process. I could not have asked for a better experience. Penny is now two years old, and she is the friendliest, well behaved, healthy girl. After getting to know Penny, three more of our friends went to Becky!

Lyn M.

Austin, TX


I have been wanting a Goldendoodle for at least five years, and specifically, a RED one! I finally purchased a property in California last year and began looking for a reputable and trusted breeder. It took me about three or four months of searching before I landed on Becky and her Snickersdoodles company. All the other companies I have reached out to does not stay up to par with Becky! My dog, Alfie, has been a shining light for the last six months of my life and I couldn't thank Becky enough for ensuring that each litter comes out healthy and woofing! 

My goal is to get him acclimated with going into public places, and getting trained around strangers. Eventually, I'd like him to become a therapy dog, for group homes, nursing homes,  and hospitals.

Scott K.

San Diego, CA


I was on Snickersdoodles wait list, however I went with another breeder as they offered a puppy sooner.  I adopted a great pup but had to re-home due to changing family circumstances.  I contacted the breeder and asked could she assist me with re-homing.  She stated no -smh.

I then contacted Becky with Snickersdoodles.  Becky immediately helped me by placing our sweet pup's re-homing ad on her FB site.  This, despite us buying the dog from a different breeder!  Thanks to Becky our pup was quickly  adopted by a wonderful family!  I highly recommend Snickersdoodles to anyone in search of a pup!  I, a non-customer, received stellar customer service.  So I can only imagine how well Snickersdoodles treats clients.

Aaris E.

Pflugerville, TX


Becky and her staff are amazing! The education she gives to us prior to pick up is beyond valuable! Her knowledge about her puppies in itself can not be replicated. The quality of her puppies is excellent. I was told by our vet tech that she can distinguish Snickersdoodles puppies from other breeders! Her heart and passion for her puppies is 100% genuine! We love our golden doodle and look forward to more puppies in the future! I give Becky and her staff a 10 out of 10!!!!

Christina L.

Johnson City, TX



We love our Snickersdoodles pup so much she can be a typical puppy but the training Becky provides is amazing. She was always open and honest about her process and standards and it all pays off. Best of all this is no puppy mill she loves each of these puppies and provides a great home to prepare them for yours. We looked for her emails each week to see how the puppies were growing and learning. This is the best place to get your goldendoodle. 

Yolanda H.

Belton, TX


I don’t think I could have asked for a better dog. I got my dog maple from Becky alittle over a year now. I picked Becky because she takes pride in being a responsible breeder. Maple is a gentle tempered dog, she learned many commands quickly, potty trained almost immediately and was fast to get comfortable with gooming. She is healthy and I really enjoyed the puppy information I got in preparation for her. I will 100% be buying our next dog from her even when we move away from Texas.


Dallas, TX


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