Special Snickersdoodles Doods.




In August 2016 we donated this very special puppy to a very special little girl.  You know those stories that you hear that are just to unbelievable for words and you just know with every ounce of your being that this was a work of God?  This is one of those stories.  The worlds of these two sweet girls collided at just the right moment and we couldn't have picked a better family for this special puppy if we tried.  Two peas in a pod these two are.  I am 100% certain this puppy was born just for Audrey.  And as Audrey's mom says, "Shelby is just what the doctor ordered".  I can't wait to watch these two young ladies grow up together.  I am truly blessed to have had a hand in bringing these two together.


In October 2015 we donated Savannah to Deb who works with Faithful Paws Pet Therapy of Houston.  They currently have over 370 certified human pet teams and visit 120 facilities in 55 zip codes in the Houston area.  Their group has arrangements with over 100 facilities that their teams visit, including hospitals, nursing homes , rehab facilities. Their pets bring joy and love to those who are most in need.  Deb says, "I personally think that Goldendoodles make great therapy dogs due to their wonderful temperament, and their low to no shedding coat. I am stopped every visit, and asked "where did you get your doodle?" Lucky for me one of these inquiries led me to you and Rachel. We are so excited for Savannah Rachel to begin this journey with us! I look forward to sending you and Rachel lots of pictures as she grows".  Pictured is Snickers, Deb's current therapy dog, along with Savannah Rachel, her upcoming therapy dog!


My friend and guardian Rachel Cook was diagnosed with a very invasive breast cancer in September 2014.  With mounting medical bills, I wanted to do something to help this family out.  I decided to raffle off a puppy!!  38 tickets were sold raising a total of $3800 for this sweet family! Almost exactly a year later, Rachel has been declaired CANCER FREE!! Praise the Lord!!


Our raffle winner, Kristen of El Paso, has this to say about her Bo:  "He literally is the most adorkable (our word for him) dog we have ever had.  EVERY day when we walk him, he literally stops traffic as people stop and ask about him. He is all clown, love, and energy.  If he isn't tearing around a 100 miles an hour with crazy antics, then he has his head in your lap or is snuggled up next to his dog brother.  He cannot stand to be alone and must always be touching either a human or a dog.  He has brought us more joy and laughter than any other dog we have owned. He is amazing!!  Thank you Snickersdoodles!!"


In July 2014, Milo was donated by Snickersdoodles to an organization called A New Leash on Life in Oklahoma City, OK.  He is a small standard F1b Goldendoodle from Harmony and Red (a stud we used for the breeding).   Their service dogs perform everyday tasks from picking up dropped items, opening doors, cabinets, and turning on light switches to pulling wheelchairs or responding to a baby’s cry, a call for help, door bell, smoke alarm and other sounds.  Last I heard Milo was doing exceptionally well with his traiing and well on his way to becoming a future service dog.

If you have a Snickersdoodles dog that is involved in something special, please let me know so I can feature him/her here!