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From the Heart


They say the companionship of a dog can truly heal the heart. Here, we celebrate two Snickersdoodles families who found renewed hope through the gift of our furry friends.

Note: Snickerdoodles would love nothing more than to gift our puppies to all those who would benefit. Unfortunately, we simply can't honor all requests. Thank you for understanding. 


"You have played a huge part in saving me. Chewie has given me back my confidence, and it’s helped me to remember why it’s worth fighting through the pain and hard days. You’ve helped to give my children their mother back; and my husband his wife back. And maybe best of all, you’ve given me my sparkle back I remember now what life can be. I can feel it again. Please use this message to push you through your own hard times. Use it to remember that what you’re doing is amazing, and profound. Every puppy you raise saves a life and has a trickle effect, like a pebble thrown in a pond. So many people in my life are feeling the ripples from ChewieThank you will never be enough But thank you anyway.

Here are a few pics of Chewie and I living our best life In NYC"


"It was an honor to present these two families who lost their pets in the fire last month at Ponderosa Pet Resort with puppies today! The golden puppy is a Snickersdoodles pup from Sawyer and Quincy's litter and the black pup is an Australian Labradoodle from Bay Lake Labradoodles in Orlando, FL who was graciously donated by Marcia G Mobley. I hope these bundles of fluff help heal your hearts and bring your families so much joy for years to come."

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