Updated 11/21/2021
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Reputable, Responsible Breeder of F1 and F1b Goldendoodle & Bernedoodle Puppies!
Setting the standard for raising puppies!

Here at Snickersdoodles our goal is to produce healthy, gentle, well socialized puppies with loving temperaments and sweet dispositions. Our motivation is to make sure that people are getting responsibly bred pets. We strive to produce gorgeous, healthy puppies with laid back temperaments that have been socialized and loved from birth by our family and staff using Puppy Culture protocols. 


Snickersdoodles is featured as one of the Best Goldendoodle Breeders in Texas! As seen on We Love Doodles!

Black Friday Sale

**The $100 off Black Friday special applies to deposits received 11/20-11/28 only.  The discount is only for those with approved applications on file. The discount is off the final price of the puppy, not the deposit amount.  The deposit is $250.  Deposits may be paid via check/money order, Venmo, PayPal or Zelle.  If you choose to send USPS, I will go by the post marked date.

This special does not apply to those who have previously sent in a deposit nor to those already on the waitlist or getting a puppy from a current litter.

Adoption Procedures & Info:​

  • Our site is maintained daily and all available puppies are listed here. 

  • The puppies listed are AVAILABLE to hold with a deposit OR they are ready for their new homes now. They are NOT ON HOLD for the waitlist. The waitlist is for future litters.

  • We rarely have adult dogs available and our retired breeding dogs are NOT for sale.

  • Puppies are not selected until they are 6+ weeks old so we don't know which puppies in a litter are available until after puppies have been selected by those on the reservation list.

  • Complete a PUPPY APPLICATION then send me an EMAIL.  

  • A $250 deposit reserves a puppy we have available now or puts you on the wait list for a future puppy. The deposit is non-refundable but is transferable to another litter and is applied to your balance.

  • Balance is due when pups are 8-weeks old and ready to go.

Snickersdoodles puppy

With your puppy you will receive:​

  • 2 year genetic health warranty with an option to extend to 5 years

  • A well adjusted, socialized, genetically sound, veterinarian checked and certified healthy Snickersdoodles puppy

  • Training starts at day 3 using the Puppy Culture techniques. Puppy Culture is a curriculum dedicated to raising stable, mentally sound dogs.

  • Age appropriate vaccinations and wormings which includes Neopar (parvo only vaccine) given at 4 & 6 weeks of age and NeoVac (DA2 vaccine) given at 5 & 7 wks.

  • Detailed shot record with dates of worming and vaccinations 

  • Slip leash

  • 30 Day trail Pet Insurance from Trupanion note: must be activated within 24 hours of adopting your pooch

  • All the information about your puppy as well as some training information

  • Lifetime support from Snickersdoodles!

  • Lifetime re-home if needed

  • Nice reusable Snickersdoodles puppy bag for all the items mentioned above!

  • ***For deposits received after 11/1/2020, your pup will come microchipped as well as with a Snuggle Puppy (Puppy toy that has your puppy's litter mates & mothers scent) 

Steps to Adopting a Puppy From Snickersdoodles:

The first step to adopting one of our puppies is to complete a puppy application. If you are interested in a puppy or litter that is listed as available, EMAIL ME!!


Once a week or so applications are reviewed for those hoping to join the waitlist and get a puppy from a future litter. An email is sent to those who's applications are approved. If you don't get an email within a week of submitting your application, feel free to reach out to me.  Chances are your email ended up in your spam folder.  To avoid this from happening be sure to add becky@snickersdoodles.com to your contacts and create a filter to avoid future emails from Snickersdoodles from landing in your spam folder.  If you are not sure how to do this, Google, “how to prevent emails from landing in spam folder for gmail/yahoo/hotmail/etc”....for whichever mail client you may use.

Once your application is approved, you will be asked to send in a check for $250 to be added to the master waitlist (we do not reserve by litter).  Next to your name on the waitlist I will list all sizes, generations, colors and genders you might be interested in.  Once we have a new litter of puppies I start at the top of the wait list making puppy offers to those whose preferences match the puppies we have available.  When you are offered an available puppy, you will be sent all pertinent information on the litter (pictures and info about the parents and puppies, projected size and color and your picking order at time of selection) to decide if you want to join the offered litter.  You will have 24 hours to respond and commit to the offered litter or you are welcome to pass on the offered litter and wait for the next litter if you so desire.

Once you are committed to a litter, you will start receiving a weekly puppy update and often times weekly photos.  Due to Covid-19, we've all had to make changes and modifications to our daily lives and business practices. Here at Snickersdoodles that means we are no longer choosing puppies in person and that's okay! We've done it this way since last March and it goes extremely well and everyone gets just the right puppy for them, just like they always have. My trainers and I will be here to help with this process so don’t stress about it. Selections will take place when the pups are 6-7 weeks old via photo/video. Then when the pups are 8-weeks old I will schedule a time for you to come in person to meet and pick up your new puppy!!

Here at Snickersdoodles we breed 3 sizes.  Here's how we break down the size categories:

Petite - 15-30 pounds

Mini - 30-45 pounds

Standards - 50+ pounds....averaging 55-75 pounds

Remember, everyone goes on one master waitlist and some families on the waitlist are waiting for a F1 OR an F1b.  A standard OR a mini.  A girl OR a boy.  And others on the list are waiting for Christmas or next spring or the next eclipse...lol...so giving you a number really isn't any indicator of anything.  This is why we give approximate wait times instead (which are listed on this page).

If you are ready to move forward and join the waitlist, please click the button below to complete your application!

I look forward to working with you!

Future Planned Litters:

Due to Covid-19 and changes to everyone's schedule (working from home, not traveling, no school or weddings etc) we are experiencing exceptionally high volume and requests for puppies. Although we are expecting several litters over the next few months, OUR WAIT LIST IS NOW OPEN FOR THE FOLLOWING FUTURE LITTERS. If you are already on the wait list, your wait time should not be effected.   If you are a repeat customer or interested in one of our available puppies, please email me (repeat customers go to the top of the wait list).  Thank you and I look forward to working with you.


Estimated Wait Times for future litters which are subject to change and are not guaranteed:

F1 petite goldendoodle - 6+ months

F1b petite goldendoodle - 6+ months

F1 miniature/medium goldendoodle - 6 +months

F1b miniature/medium goldendoodle - 6+ months

F1 standard goldendoodle - 2-4 months

F1b standard goldendoodle - 2-4 months

F1 standard bernedoodle - WAITLIST CLOSED

F1b standard bernedoodle - WAITLIST CLOSED

** I do not breed miniature bernedoodles **


**As a breeder, we do reserve the right to first pick from any litter born. Regardless of picking/deposit order**

Snickersdoodles has the right to refuse the sale of any puppy at any time for any reason

All wait times are aproximate as it is entirely in the hands of Mother Nature