Hi Becky,

     I wanted to let you know what a joy Eddy is, we all love him so much. He had every advantage being a Snickers Doodle! You really gave me a lot of confidence as a first time puppy owner. I really appreciated the information you shared with me while I waited for my little guy. It is obvious that he was loved and well cared for from the beginning. He's bright and happy all the time and really it a big ray of sunshine. My family and I just got back from vacation at the lake house and Eddy was fantastic with my entire family and young cousins. I have to tell you that he was just a natural in the water. In less than a day of being by the water we were enjoying watching him swim and dive and just play around all day. He's such a handsome boy we couldn't be any happier together! I am so grateful to have found you and Eddy and would recommend Snickers Doodles to anyone! He's a little stud muffin on Instagram and you can keep up with him @deep.eddy.doodle

Many Thanks, Alex

We can not thank you enough for our sweet pup, Remington!! Since the beginning, you (Becky) have been more then wonderful about answering all our new puppy parent questions and helping us feel prepared and ready to bring Remington home. Now that he's home, we can't help but continue to sing your praises to everyone we know. Remington has made the perfect addition to our family and we are already trying to convince friends and family to get Remi a Snickersdoodles playmate! 

We couldn't be more in love with our pup! He just turned 15 weeks old and is getting cuter by the day.  He has blown us away with how fast he took to potty training, crate training, and learning his manners. Within hours of bringing him home he was ringing a bell to let us know he needed to go out and within just a few days could sit, stay, lie down, and leave things, when asked! Thank you so much Becky for starting our puppy on the right paw and for giving us our newest family member!! If you ever want to check in on how he's doing and how much he's growing, he has his own Instagram at: @remington.ruff 


Rachel and Jacob



From weekly puppy updates to puppy pick up everything with Snickers Doodles was amazing. Oakley has been such a joy to mine and my family's life. Anywhere we go Oakley befriends everyone and thinks he is the best of friends with every dog he meets. He is very much the retriever and absolutely loves to go swimming. Im always being asked "where did you get him from?" And every time I refer them straight to Becky. Snicker doodles has been nothing but a pleasure.

Eve and Oakley (Instagram@Goldendoodleoakley)

First of all, we are so in love! Lily is the sweetest dog, and we're all very happy to have her as part of our family now. Becky does an amazing job taking care of the puppies and making sure we get updates on what's going on a weekly basis with adorable pictures and very thorough explanation of everything you need to prepare for your beautiful new family member. The whole experience was stress free, and Becky was there every step of the way to help us by answering any questions we had. Our Petite Goldendoodle puppy Lily is beautiful, smart, funny, and we can't get enough of her! We're doing everything Becky advised us to do and Lily is growing more beautiful and healthier everyday! We're looking forward to boarding Lily with Becky in the future because we know she will be cared for the same way we take care of her. Thank you, Becky for making our experience amazing!



Where to start? That’s the question everyone has when trying to find the right breeder to invest in. Yes, it is an investment. This little puppy will become part of your family for the rest of its life. I wanted to make sure I found someone who truly loves dogs. The line of communication is always open at SnckersDoodles, even long after you get to take home your little bundle of joy. Becky is honest, she is fast at responding and she made me so confident in my choice to get a Goldendoodle. 

Dolley is the smartest dog I have ever met. From day one she slept in her crate and did not cry for more than 20 minutes. By day 3 she had no accidents over night in her crate! 

Dolley learned to ring a bell to go potty within minutes of showing her what to do. She also learns commands very fast. Dolley sits, lays and shakes paws on command. 

She also passed the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy program with flying colors! I can not wait to train her more!

Dolley is great with children, a cuddler and loves to go on walks. We could not be happier with our choice in breeders. We plan to get a sister or brother for Dolley within the next year from SnickersDoodles.

I can’t say enough about Becky and Snickers Doodles!!!  My fiancé had always wanted a goldendoodle and I had not ever even heard of them until he showed me pictures online.  So I started doing some research on them because I wanted to surprise him with a puppy.  I came across Becky’s website and reached out to her.  She was AMAZING at telling me everything I needed to know about these pups.  (I had previously reached out to another breeder elsewhere and was really disappointed in the way they just didn’t seem to care.)  So, I decided to get a pup from her and it was the best decision!  Not only did she send pictures of the pups weekly so we could watch them grow, but she stayed in touch after we picked them up to see how they were doing.  Any questions we had after pickup, she responded immediately.  Even two years later she checks in to see how they are doing. One thing that I really loved about Snickers Doodles is that this is most definitely not a puppy mill.  Becky invites you out to her home to meet your puppy and you can see that they grow up as a member of her family.  They socialize with her little boy (which is probably a huge reason why they’re such loveable dogs), and the dogs she breeds stay with their “guardian homes” as members of their families.


We got Opie from her two years ago, and he is truly the sweetest dog I’ve ever been around.  He has the sweetest and most loving temperament.  He’s 80 lbs, but he seems to think he’s still a 12 lb puppy with the way he wants to cuddle.  Our next door neighbors love him so much they’ve threatened to steal him.   We loved Opie so much that we jumped at the chance to get a second doodle at the beginning of this year.  We added Piper to our family and she’s just as awesome!  Where Opie is our little lover boy, Piper is full of spunk and energy.  They complement each other so well and are best friends.  They are actually half-siblings! (Mommy is Fate.)  Where Opie has curly, blonde, cottony hair, Piper has wavy, silky, chocolate hair with the prettiest golden highlights.  Piper is going to have the most beautiful puppies when she’s ready!


My only caution….doodles are addictive!!!  Once you get one, you’re going to want another!!!  We now have two and I want a third!!  :)


Jennifer M.



Chocolate Goldendoodle puppies


Hi Becky,

Please find attached some pictures of McGee who was two on 22nd October 2012.

From the moment we picked up our puppy, we knew he had the sweetest nature. The Snickersdoodles team did an outstanding job with prepping him and training him before we picked him up at 8 weeks old. He only had one accident in the house which was the first night we bought him home and that was really our fault for not taking him outside. He was easily trained and was sitting and waiting at a very early age. He started off a really dark chocolate brown color but as you can see from the photos his coat has lightened dramatically and everyone always comments on how unusual his coat is.

McGee loves to play fetch (clearly the retriever in him!!) and is so smart. I am sure he has us figured out and is a complete mommy’s boy. He is great with kids and other dogs, his temperament is very friendly and we just can not imagine our life without him.

I always tell people who ask where we got him from to use Snickersdoodles as they really do make sure the whole adoption process is as smooth as possible for both humans and puppies!!!

We may very well be returning for a little brother or sister for McGee!


Kelly & Brian H.


Hi Becky! Piper is doing amazing! We are so impressed with her! We heard about SnickersDoodles from a general Google search. We had looked into several different breeders - many from the DFW area since that is where we live- but chose SnickersDoodles because I felt like the website was the most informative and Becky was so great at communicating with me even from the very first email I sent her. The adoption process was a good experience, I appreciated that I could tell that SnickersDoodles really cared about their puppies and cared about the homes they were going to.

We felt very prepared to bring our puppy home. I was very impressed with the information that was given to us, even before we asked for it! The information (and recommendations for products) that were given to us was extremely helpful. It helped us know what we needed before we brought our puppy home and gave us some great ideas for crate training, potty training, etc.

Our puppy adjusted very easily! I was expecting a longer transition time of her missing her litter mates and her mom but she transitioned very well. Of course, like with any puppy I'm sure, she had a hard time sleeping in her crate by herself for the first several days, but by about the 6th night she went to sleep in her crate without crying- yay!

She is learning so quickly...We are using the bells on the door to let us know when she has to go outside. She has been home less than 2 weeks now, but already is using the bells to go outside. She knows how to "sit" and is learning quickly what she can and can't chew on. She is the sweetest puppy!! Loves to cuddle and is so happy to be around us.

I would highly recommend SnickersDoodles to anyone who is considering adopting a GoldenDoodle. I have been nothing but impressed with their communication, information, and most of all their precious, smart puppies!




We sure DO LOVE our Goldendoodle "MONTEY" that we adopted from Snickersdoodles!  What a great family he came from! They kept him a few extra weeks and met me on Christmas Eve 2011 so he could be under the tree for our Daughter Rebecca!  Great great people to work with!  Montey is an INCREDIBLE fella! He is so very smart! Potty training was a BREEZE! We had a bell attached to a string on the door, and for about a week we would ring it a little and say "potty" when letting him out.  Well, after that week he would go to the door and ring that bell when he needed to head outside! What a smart BOY!  Not only is he smart, but he is so very HANDSOME! HE goes most everywhere with us and people "OOOOHHHH and AHHHHHHH" over him all the time!  I will never own any other dog, and have recommend Snickersdoodles to others who have been interested! We just love our sweet boy!!!


The Ochoa Family

Cream Goldendoodle puppies




Hi Becky,

We are always happy to write recommendations for SnickersDoodles. I also attached a couple of pictures, one of Piper as a puppy and one now, at just over a year old.

Our choice to go with SnickersDoodles was a very easy choice, as I have known Becky and her family for several years. They are great and honest people, so we were so excited to bring one of their Goldendoodle puppies into our home. Becky took time to answer our questions as first time puppy parents, and we loved the consistent updates about how our puppy was growing. The information sent to us when our puppy came home was invaluable as well, as we were figuring out how to crate train, what her grooming needs were, etc.

Piper came home to us, and has been so much fun from day one. She is the picture of health and gets along so great with our older Boxer and our 3 smaller children. She loves her toys, treats, food, car rides, chasing birds, cuddling, her dog brother, all people...really there is not much she doesn't love! She has been through obedience training class, in which she caught on to all basic commands very quickly. Piper has been such a great addition to our family, and we cannot say thank Becky enough for matching her up with our family!


Our dog's name is Murphy and he will be 2 years old the beginning of March. There are some pictures attached. He is such a great dog and we absolutely love him!!  We choose SnickersDoodles over other area breeders because their puppies were reasonably priced compared to other breeders and we had discussed the breeder and per program with a family who had a goldendoodle from SnickersDoodles who loved their pet.

The adoption process was easy and smooth. I do wish we were able to visit once and choose which puppy we wanted.  We felt very prepared when it came time to take Murphy home. Our puppy adjusted easily; potty-trained and crate-trained very quickly.  He is so smart and catches on to new tricks very quickly. He will stay with treats on his paws, is a great running partner, and loves to cuddle!



Hi Becky,

Zoe is doing great! She's just over a year old now (Zoe & Rajah's 2011 litter) and 50 lbs.

We found out about SnickersDoodles on the internet and it just so happened that the date for the puppies to go home worked perfectly with my schedule.  Plus there was lots of information on the website which we found very helpful.  The whole process went very smoothly.  We really liked being able to come meet Zoe at 5 weeks.  Becky did a great job giving us information before we received Zoe.  Plus we did tons of research online beforehand.

Zoe cried and cried the first two nights away from her brothers and sisters, so I slept on the floor next to her crate to keep her company.  She didn't make a peep by the third night.  I still woke up at 3am for the first two weeks to let her go to the bathroom, then we worked our way to sleeping through the whole night without any accidents.

Everyone loves her...even strangers and people who admit they are not dog people.  I get questions from strangers who fall in love with her and tell them about SnickersDoodles.

Zoe is very smart.  She pretty much knew "Sit" and "Go Potty" at ~8-9 weeks.  She also knows "Stay", "Lay Down", "Shake", "High Five", "Heal", "Give", and "Where's your ball?".  The key thing is consistency and repetition.

The best thing we've done for Zoe is get her involved in doggie playcare.  She goes twice a week and plays with other dogs all day long.  This has been great for Zoe for multiple reasons: 1. It has taught her how to be social with strange people and other dogs.  2. It releases all that pent-up energy a puppy has, which wears her out and in turn reduces her destructive puppy behavior.

I just wanted to thank you again for making the process so easy and producing such a wonderful, fun loving member for our family.


- AW


Hello Becky! Just wanted to send you some pictures and write a little testimonial for you.  We found SnickersDoodles through internet research.  At the time all the puppies were reserved but then i received an e-mail about 5am saying there was one puppy taken off the reserve list and he was mine if I wanted him!!! My little Billy Sparkles!!! I have wanted a goldendoodle since I was a child.  I was an easy sale, but had a lot of expectations since I waited so long to have a goldendoodle.  I was not disappointed and Billy is amazing!  Becky was great and gave us all necessary information throughout the adoption process.  I felt completely prepared when it was time to bring little Billy Sparkles home.  He adjusted so well; I'm pretty sure he thinks I am his true mother :) Billy is the cutest dog I have ever seen and the vet whole heartedly agrees!  Everyone at Star of Texas Vet loves Billy Sparkles!  Friends and family think he his hilarious - personality and facial expressions.  I have recommended SnickersDoodles to others many, many times. They are such smart animals...too smart sometimes :)  Thanks again for everything!!


Hi Becky,

It has been just over a year since we picked up Shona at your home and shared our first Christmas with her.  What a wonderful addition she has been to our family.  She has brought so much joy to our lives.  We thought you might like an update.

Born on November 9th to Karma and Ahzi, Shona weighed exacty 40 pounds on her first birthday.  She is smart, independent, playful, and wants to please.  We followed your advice and established a routine for her right from the beginning.  After only a couple of nights, she slept in her crate quite happily;  and within about two weeks, she had learned to use her Poochie Bells to let us know when she wanted to go outside.  We already had a five year old Australian Terrier, and Shona brought playfulness back to her life.  They are best buddies!  She also gets along with our cats, showing lots of curiosity with a strong dose of respect.

So far, I have done all of her grooming myself, with just a small pair of sharp, blunt tip scissors, but I brush her out at least 2-3 times per week.  Given a few treats, she tolerates the grooming attention fairly well.  She does not shed.  We took her to a training class when she was about six months old, but mostly we  train her at home on a regular basis.  When I get out the training treats, she is so excited that she starts doing her tricks even before I tell her what to do.  When I take her out, she is so friendly that she gets lots of attention.  Everyone wants to touch her beautiful soft, fluffy coat.   I guess you can tell, we love this GoldenDoodle!

Thanks, Becky, for all you have done to help us get off to such a great start with this little dog.  Your advice was so helpful, and we couldn't be happier.  I've included an updated picture of Shona in front of our Christmas tree.  We wish you and your family wonderful holidays together.  Best wishes for the New Year!

~Gail and Orlin




Willie has very quickly become a part of our family. He is 10 weeks old and came home to us at 7 weeks old. He a sweet cuddly little guy who loves to play, but can also be found in the corner entertaining himself by chewing his toys or rawhide. He gets along wonderfully with our older dog Lenny (a miniature schnauzer), he loves to chase him and jump all over him! Willie also loves small children and is very easy going with them. He lets my little brother and little niece just carry him everywhere and kiss all over him. Willie is really a little celebrity amongst my friends, coworkers and with everyone he meets.

Becky was a wonderful breeder to work with! You can tell she worked with the puppies, because Willie knew just what to do on the grass when we took him out! He also had no problems eating the dry puppy food! I’d recommend Snickers Doodles to anyone looking for a smart, fun, and super cute puppy!!! Becky was super helpful and provided a lot of information about puppies and Goldendoodle specific information. She was available via text and email to answer questions or just provide us with puppy updates. I loved getting the weekly pictures of Willie before he came home!! I cannot thank Becky enough for our newest family member!

Amanda L.

(Amanda and her friend adopted pups from the same litter.  This is a picture of them at puppy school together and are 6 months old in this picture).




Once we decided that a goldendoodle would be the perfect addition to our family, I did a Google search.  I was looking for a breeder who met our criteria: 1) Not a backyard breeder 2) Someone that would let us come see the pups (at the appropriate age) and the momma dog 3) A responsible, caring breeder that communicated well.  That is a tall order and I am so thankful to find all that and so much more from Snickersdoodles and Becky!!

Becky and her family lovingly raise these dogs in their home.  They are pets.  Her dogs aren't overbred or inbred.  She responsibly retires dogs and adds new dogs.  She has an excellent guardian program (which I am now a part of), for future litters.

We are extremely happy with our two doodle from Snickersdoodles.  Thank you Becky!!

Amy Greene


Hi Becky: sorry for delay in sending a pic of Brigitte who just celebrated her one year birthday. She has been a wonderful puppy to our three children and busy household. We keep her trimmed in a traditional poodle cut and she weighs about 46 pounds. Many thanks, Georgia


Becky, I just have to update you on Casey. He is the very best little guy. House training has been a breeze, he sits and shakes hand for treats. He is trying to carry the newspaper in every morning, but he really needs a bigger mouth to do it. It won't be long.  Our friends cannot believe how quiet he is when he greets them.  Very polite. 
Charlie and I went to Wrigleys pub in Sun City and we were looking at Casey's  pictures on our phone, and the girl waiting on us also had a golden doodle that she got in Dallas. I think three years ago. She wanted to know where we got Casey,and we told her. Charlie went back in this weekend and she told him her Mom is getting a puppy from you!
I'm attaching a couple of pictures of Casey. You will be happy to know he loves the blanket you made for him, and plays and sleeps with it. 
We feel so fortunate to find you. 
Take care. 


Winston is a magical addition to our family and we are truly blessed to have him. He has improved the quality of our lives and brings us more joy than we can put into words. What we love about Winston the most is that he is obedient but still maintains that spunky/goofy spirit we adore. He weighs in at 51lbs and will be 7 months old on July 10th. He is one of the puppies from Zia & Ziggy's December litter. He does not shed which means no allergies for us  Thank you Snickers Doodles for the love you put into these pups before we get them. I know it was your dedication and hard work that helped Winston be the terrific dog he is. 

D&J New





Hi Becky,
I just wanted to say hi and send you some pictures of Callie.  She is probably the funnest pup we have ever had.  She is so sweet, but wonderfully crazy.  She was from your chocolate labradoodle litter born 6/6/14.  I know my friend is also working with you to get a puppy...I am so happy for her.  I think about you often and hope your family is well. 

Take care,


Becky, hi!  Hope all is going well with you. Just thought I would touch base and let you know our Casey is just the best!  We are so thankful for finding you, and numerous people ask us where we got our young guy, and we are happy to tell them about you.  Great breeder, and Great pups.  Casey now has a girlfriend. His girlfriend is a deer, and he is head over heels for her.  She comes most days and they visit through the fence.  She is so curious about him. I've sent you some new pics. He is sleeping a new way hugging those back legs, and one of him when he brings in our papers in the morning. He always gets in the chair for his treat.  Such a joy, and so smart. He now weighs in at 57 and is 17 months old.