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Just a few things I'd like to mention:



Here are some books you might want to check out over the next couple of weeks:
Patricia  B McConnell - The Puppy Primer 

C. Rutherford - How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With 

Tamar Geller - 30 Days to a Well-Mannered Dog 

Dr. Sophia Yin's - The Perfect Puppy in 7 Days 

Colleen Pelar - Living with Kids and Dogs 

Jan Fennell - The Puppy Listener

I DO NOT recommend pee-pee only encourages the pup to potty in the house. As you might know, the puppies have been litter trained while here at Snickersdoodles. At home, try to encourage your pup to go to the same spot in the yard to do his/her business. The idea is to find the place in your yard that you want to be your "potty spot". This should aid in your potty training efforts. As they grow, getting them to go on a pad or in a litter box will not be such an easy task and will send mixed messages in my opinion.  So start off on the right foot by avoiding pee pads and litters boxes, etc in your home and take your pup outside, frequently, to do his or her business.  I will send you home with a potty training booklet and most families tell me their puppies are potty trained within 2 weeks of having their puppy.  So be consistent and patient and your pup will be potty trained before you know it.


I’ve had numerous customers tell me that the Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy worked wonders to help soothe their puppy the first few nights their pup was home.  I have some here that I will rub on their mom to get the scent for an easier transition, all I ask is that you purchase one to exchange with the one I'll give you here.  The one you bring me to exchange needs to be new in the package.  Snuggle Puppy -  if you'd like to check it out and purchase one to bring with you when you come pick up your puppy, click the link.


Leashes: Your pup will come with their first leash (flat nylon slip collar). There are many options on leashes. Leashes with traffic handles are also great to assist in keeping your dog close – but they are often more helpful after the puppy has grown up a bit. A 4-6ft leash is recommended. I don't recommend you leave a collar on your puppy. It can easily get caught on something and can be catastrophic if this happens when you are not home. If you choose to use a harness, get one that clips in the front to avoid pulling.  The ones that clip on top only encourage pulling. Here’s the one I recommend:  Freedom No Pull Harness


Toys: I recommend toys such as Kongs (puppy size), Balls (various sizes), fetch toys, plush toys, soft training treats, bully sticks, and a case of Pork & Venison canned food (for your Kong….we’ll talk more about this next week). Yogurt works great in the Kong as well. Here’s a great website filled with healthy Kong recipes.  My recommendation is to stuff 2 Kongs and freeze them.  Offer one to your puppy when he/she is having quiet crate time, when you need to leave for a few hours and at night time.  Using plain Greek yogurt mixed with other safe fruits and veggies are not only yummy for your puppy, but it’s great for their gut health.


Crate size:

Petite size dogs – 24” or 30”

Mini/medium size dogs – 30” or 36”

Standard and large size dogs – 36” or 42”