Our breeding program here at Snickersdoodles includes Puppy Culture. This means we raise our puppies using all the techniques Puppy Culture offers. We firmly believe in this program.  Puppy Culture is a birth to 12 week program implementing the science of behavior and puppy development designed to help develop pups to their full potential. It prepares our puppies for life through a series of exercises to be more adaptable, confident and more able to fit in our society. It also helps puppy owners be more effective in their training and understanding their puppies. Since our implementation of Puppy Culture our litters are even more ready to handle life's challenges.  They are more resilient, stable, responsive, smarter (if that's a possibility) and their recovery time is even faster. We help shape our puppies futures to be the best that they can be so that they can be the dog that everyone would want to own.

Puppy raising is an art and a science. We want to raise puppies who will have the best chance to grow into confident, stable, and resilient adult dogs, able to handle the stresses and challenges of a modern lifestyle. This takes both expertise and hard work.

In our desire to raise the most behaviorally sound, confident, and stable puppies possible we implemented the game changing Puppy Culture puppy raising, training, and socialization protocols several years ago and are extremely pleased with the results.

Benefits of Puppy Culture For Puppy Owners:

  • Understanding The Critical Socialization Period

  • Helps you Find a Good Puppy Class

  • Research on Vaccination vs. Socialization

  • Helps you Handle Fear Periods

  • Helps you with Leash Walking, Recall, Crate and Potty Training

  • Training Markers

  • Manding - response is reinforced by a characteristic consequence

  • Prevents common behavioral problems -resource guarding, separation anxiety, biting, jumping and more...

To learn more about Puppy Culture, watch this video:

We have really exciting news!


Recognizing the importance of training and wanting to help you get started in the right direction as quickly as possible, we have partnered with BAXTER & Bella to provide discounted lifetime access to their exclusive MEMBERS ONLY online puppy school, including all the training resources you will ever need, leading to better animal ownership and the very best in canine companionship! 

This program offers Facetime chats with the trainers, training videos, and their curriculum involves plans in which at the end of the program, your puppy will be ready to apply for his or her Canine Good Citizen Certificate!

In order to save 25% instantly, remember to use discount code SNICKERSDOODLES at checkout.

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We have worked very hard to start your puppy off on the right paw! BAXTER & Bella’s Online Puppy School provides a seamless transition from our home to yours by educating you how to train and interact with your puppy to get the best possible results. Not only will you learn the skills you need to be successful, but your puppy will learn incredible manners and behaviors as well! The program is set up for you to complete the first two units BEFORE your puppy comes home so we recommend signing up right away. Amy helps you set up your home, get your family all on the same page and teaches you exactly what to do the second your puppy arrives for optimal training success. If you can only purchase one program (Puppy Culture OR BAXTER & Bella, I definitely think this one is a better value.  Check it out at https://www.baxterandbella.com/learn-more (use Discount Code: SNICKERSDOODLES for an instant 25% off – an incredible value on their lifetime membership). We recommend this on top of group classes. It's a phenomenal resource.


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