This is an exclusive program offered to customers of Snickersdoodles which will allow your puppy to attend a Puppy Boot Camp training program prior to you bringing home your fur-baby!!  What a great way to start your puppy off on the right paw.

Are you gearing up to take home your sweet bundle of joy but either don't have the time get get them off on the right paw or aren't sure what to do? We have partnered with one of our puppy trainers to offer you the perfect start for your Snickersdoodles puppy. With this program, we make your new family members transition into a home a positive one with our 1, 2 or 3-week stay and train experiences featuring the Baxter and Bella training curriculum.   This is an on-sight board and train program in the trainers home, located right here on our property.  Puppy Boot Camp might be the solution for YOU!  

During the First 12 weeks of a puppies life, it is the equivalent to the first 5 years of a young child's life. They learn necessary socializing, and it is a very important stage in their development.  By the end of 12 weeks, his or her core of social development is over!  They also go through what is called a 'fear period' during this stage that stems from their candid days before dogs were domesticated and unusual things can cause weird fears later in adult dogs. This period of 8-12 weeks is known as the "I'm Afraid of Everything Stage" and imagine you're taking your young child through ages 2-5 in only 4 weeks!  Whew, that's a LOT!! That's why, in the hands of our puppy trainer, we offer this program for 1-3 weeks  at a low cost price!   But what will your sweet baby learn while with our Dog Days of Texas trainer, and how does Puppy Boot Camp work? First, What Do They Learn?

*** This program is VERY popular!! Inquire for availability

as soon as you commit to a puppy! ***


-You MUST purchase the Baxter and Bella program to be considered for the program.

This is a program you can do right from the comfort of your home. It is a great, safe, positive reinforcement option for anyone anywhere with any kind of schedule and budget! This program offers LIVE Canine Coaching Events, Classes & Courses are video-enabled group sessions, and their curriculum involves plans in which at the end of the program, your puppy will be ready to apply for his or her Canine Good Citizen Certificate!


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How the Stay & Train works:


Your puppy will be leaving its litter mates for the first time, leaving all that they have known to start their new lives as part of your family. This can be difficult not only for them, but for you and your family as you begin to try and crate train, potty train, prevent them from nipping, chewing, and jumping (all normal behavior for a new puppy but also stressful as a new pet owner). It can be difficult to juggle everyday life as well as work on these very important skills every day with your puppy. The first few days and weeks are critical and can have a lasting impression on your pups behavior and development. With our 1, 2, and 3 week stay & train experience we can get your puppy ready for your home to start your journey together off right!


1 Week Crate & Train Experience:


Our 1-week crate & train experience is focused on getting your puppy on a schedule for eating and drinking, sleeping, playing, and pottying. This week your puppy will be getting used to their new schedule as we work on crate training with a focus on a potty schedule and breaks to prevent accidents in the crate and around the house. We will also work on teaching your puppy their name this week and start working on establishing a productive training routine with the Baxter and Bella program. We will also begin teaching the critical manners and cues your pup must know moving forward. By the end of the 1 week Stay & Train your puppy will be more acclimated to their crates during the day and night with minimal crying and accidents. They are on an eating schedule, working on name recognition, and continue to perfect walking on a leash and getting used to a collar.


This week we will also continue Puppy Culture practices and expand on socialization and new experiences to make your puppy more comfortable and happier in new environments. Your puppy will be exposed to different sounds (such as the TV, vacuum, etc.) of a busy household along with new sights (being in the car, exploring a house, etc.) as part of our socialization practices. We believe in positive reinforcement and force free training.

We will also continue age appropriate vaccinations and deworming schedule for your puppy this week if required.


What you will receive with 1 Week Crate & Train Experience:





-Bully stick treats

-Continued age appropriate vaccinations and deworming (if required)

-30 min training overview upon completion of the 1-week Stay & Train Experience

Price: $499 


2 Week Stay & Train Experience:


You receive everything in week 1 plus….


This 2-week program will introduce your new puppy to obedience commands and reinforcement of the skills learned in week 1. This experience is for anyone wanting their puppy to get a jump start on training and begin to build a training foundation and continue to work on the skills learned in week 1. We will begin the Baxter and Bella ‘Establishing a Foundation’ curriculum that introduce foundational commands that your puppy will use throughout your life together. With this 2 week program your puppy will become even more comfortable with life away from their litter mates, integration into everyday home life, and training. 


During this 2 week experience the basic commands we will be introducing on a daily basis include: their name, sit, stay, come, down, and off. Your pup will be worked with throughout the day to become familiar with these commands as they are reinforced and rewarded. Socialization will continue this week as your pup will continue to see day to day sights, sounds, and smells of home life and new environments. We will have at least 2 new experience outings this week such as going through a drive through, riding in a cart at the store, etc. Crate training should progress this week as the pup should now be getting comfortable to their safe space with minimal barking and accidents.  This week we will also continue working on potty training and reward for pottying in the right spot to limit accidents in the house. 


After 2 weeks of Stay & Train your puppy will be more comfortable in a home setting with a basic knowledge of commands to help get them acclimated to everyday life at home for an easier transition into your family!

Price: $399



3 Week Stay & Train Experience:


You receive everything in week 1 and 2 plus….


Week 3 is a reinforcement week from weeks 1 and 2 where consistency and repetition is key. The week 3 Stay & Train Experience is for the novice puppy owner who would like a more well-behaved pup upon bringing them home. This week your puppy will obtain a more solid understanding of the obedience commands introduced in week 2. Your puppy will continue potty training this week and will reduce the number of accidents in the house. Your puppy is now on a schedule that can be easily replicated at your home for a smooth transition. This includes pottying, feeding, sleeping, and play time.


After week 3 when it is time for your puppy to go home, you can expect them to have better household manners and a head start in development with this reinforcement week. 


Price: $399 



Please note: Puppies require constant reinforcement of the training tools they leave the stay and train program with.  While this program offers a great foundation for your new puppy, they are just that, foundations.  You will need to continue the training at home to insure that your puppy grows to become a great dog.  We begin crate and potty training right away to help acclimate your puppy to the crate and relieving themselves outside. Please keep in mind puppies may not be fully potty trained or fully crate trained at the end of your puppy’s stay with us, depending on the puppy. Getting a dog is a lifetime investment and requires a lot of work, but the rewards are worth it! Typically this type of service will run you $1000+ a week. Dog Days of Texas is offering their professional services to my customers for a special low price which is to be paid in advance to her. If you choose this option, I will gladly transport your pup to her or you may do so yourself. You may contact Caley directly for questions or to reserve your spot at or text her at 512-869-9543