This is an exclusive program offered to customers of Snickersdoodles which will allow your puppy to attend a Puppy Boot Camp training program prior to you bringing home your fur-baby!!  What a great way to start your puppy off on the right paw.


Are you gearing up to take home your sweet bundle of joy but either don't have the time get get them off on the right paw or aren't sure what to do? Well we have partnered with  a professional dog trainer to offer my customers the perfect start for their Snickersdoodles puppy - a one week Board & Train Puppy Boot Camp!!  This is a 7-day on-sight board and train program in the trainers home.  Puppy Boot Camp is the solution for YOU!  


During the First 12 weeks of a puppies life, it is the equivalent to the first 5 years of a young child's life. They learn necessary socializing, and it is a very important stage in their development.  By the end of 12 weeks, his or her core of social development is over!  They also go through what is 

called a 'fear period' during this stage that stems from their candid days before dogs were domesticated and unusual things can cause weird fears later in adult dogs. This period of 8-12 weeks is known as the "I'm Afraid of Everything Stage" and imagine you're taking your young child through ages 2-5 in only 4 weeks!  Whew, that's a LOT!! That's why, in the hands of a certified trainer, we offer this program steaming from 1-4 weeks long at a low cost price!   But what will your sweet baby learn while with Dogs R Us, and how does Puppy Boot Camp work? First, What Do They Learn?

  • Crate Training (This is VERY important as it keeps puppies safe at any age, teaches them potty training through the night, and it keeps them safe from getting into things through the night once they are home and their parents are asleep) *ALL CAMPERS

  • Potty Training *ALL CAMPERS

  • Sit (With duration; campers with us 2+ weeks will have longer duration as we have had a chance to work on this longer) *ALL CAMPERS

  • Down (With duration; campers with us 2+ weeks will have longer duration as we have had a chance to work on this longer) *ALL CAMPERS

  • Loose Leash Walking *ALL CAMPERS

  • Introduced to Mental Stimulation Toys *ALL CAMPERS

  • Place (Going to a designated bed),*Campers with us 3-4 weeks long

  • Clicker Conditioning *Campers with us 3-4 weeks long

  • Training Video for Parents (Me working your puppy so you can see how they are handled) *ALL CAMPERS

  • 1 Hour Go Home Lesson (If you're local in the Austin area, it is best to do this in your home.  If you're long distance, we can conduct our lesson via Skype of FaceBook Video Chat) *ALL CAMPERS

  • Homework Lesson Plan for Parents (Comes with a list of commands your puppy knows, and how to continue to work with your puppy) *ALL CAMPERS

  • Our Leadership Program Handout *ALL CAMPERS

  • Our Power's of Positive Training Handout *ALL CAMPERS



Typically this type of service will run you $350+ a week. Dogs-R-US is offering their professional services to my customers for a special low price of $200 for the week which is to be paid in advance. If you choose this option, I will gladly transport your pup to her or you may do so yourself. If you are interested in a more intensive program (2-4+ weeks) or training for another dog in your home, let me know as that can be arranged at a discount as well for customers of Snickersdoodles.

Alex has over 160 hours of hands-on classroom instruction. She is an AKC STAR puppy/CGC/CGCC Evaluator, CPR/First Aid certified for pets and has a year of informal hands on instruction. She's been working with dogs since she was 10 years old when she began her dog walking business. She's working towards her Canine behavior Science Technology diploma (a 2 yr program) through CASI (companion animal science institute) and will graduate at the end of this year. Her website is http://www.dogs-r-us.net if you'd like to understand her methodology and style :)



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