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Picking out and bringing home your new puppy is the easy part of adding a new member to your family. However, puppies also need a number of items to keep them (and you!) healthy and happy. With so many pet products on the market today, it’s difficult to navigate what products are worthy of your purchase, and which are not. Thankfully, we have tried many, many products, and have given hours of our time to extensive research on many of the products on the market today. We have taken the guess work out of making the right choice for your fur-baby!  Below we have put together a list of recommended puppy products and brands that are tried and true.   We hope this will help our new families navigate the process of raising a puppy.  This link will also take you to Amazon with thousands of puppy supplies to choose from.

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I love the hide-a-treat toys as it provides great stimulation for your puppy.  Challenges and triggers the brain in fun & stimulating ways. 

​I fill them with regular kibble and they love it just as much as if it were filled with treats.  The treat tote comes with a belt clip and comes in handy when training your little one!

Want to groom your doodle yourself?  Invest in a nice set of Clippers like the Andis Super 2-Speed AG Clipper w/#10 Blade and learn to use them.  This can save you hundreds of dollars but you might have to submit your poor dog to some pretty funny haircuts in the beginning; believe me, I know from personal experience and so do my poor humiliated dogs. 



Doodles have hairy ears.  F1b doodles have VERY hairy ears.  To avoid cronic infection and to keep ears squeaky clean, use these hair pullers along with the powder every 2 weeks or so.  The powder helps you to grip the hair in your doodles ears and makes pulling the hair out easier for you and less painful for your doggie.  It also helps absorb all the moisture in your doodles hair.  Watch this video for more information on keeping your doodles ears clean: 


Use the Virbac ear wash as a weekly preventative and use the Zymox in the event of a yeast infection.  You'll know it's yeast by the accumulation of black gunk and yeasty smell in your dogs ear.  If you are unsure, please seek your veterinarian for advice and treatment.

I recommend a daily probiotic which assists in digestion and prevent gas, bloating and bad breath and enhances the function of the immune system.  Either of these ones come highly recommended by veterinarians. 

Vetericyn Plus Wound and Skin Care is intended for the OTC management of skin abrasions, lacerations, minor irritations, cuts and intact skin. Safe for use on all animal species. Safe & Non-Toxic, no alcohol, no steriods or no antibiotics. Non-irritating & non-sensitizing. Safe if licked or ingested. Works on all animal skin types. 

I HIGHLY recommend crate training.  It really aids in the whole potty training process and pups like to have a den like area to call their own.  I highly suggest the cover too.

I would recommend getting one with 2 doors (gives more flexibility on where to put it) and one with a movable divider.  For standard doodles I would get one for dogs up to at least 70lbs (42-inch).  For mini/mediums you can get by with the 30-inch.  Petites you can get away with the 24" one.  The divider will allow the crate to "grow" with your puppy.  You don't want too much room in there, otherwise your puppy will potty in it and you don't want him/her pottying where she sleeps.  I like the quality of this crate.

The exercise pen is a nice if you work outside the home and want to give your puppy a little more freedom but not quite run of the house.

I LOVE PoochieBells!  It’s a great idea to teach your doggie to let you know when he/she needs to go outside to do their business and these are not only cute, but they work!!

I love the 6-way leash/lead!  It is designed to make walking your dog easy! Perfect for walking with any dog, you can easily adjust the length of this leash to make sure you and your pet are always comfortable.  Can be adjusted for "hands free" walking when worn diagonally over 1 shoulder.  I've had mine for about 8 years!

The Gentle Leader head collar reduces pulling, lunging, jumping and other unwanted behaviors.  Use this if you want to walk your dog instead of have him walk you :)  I would get a small to begin with and graduate to a medium as your puppy grows.  They don't really care for it at first but they do learn to love it.

If you prefer a harness, here are two that come highly recommended.


Does your pup spend time at home alone?  Does she wake at night if she hears a sound or get nervous during a storm?  I have an Echo Dot in each of my puppy areas and I LOVE that I can give them some soothing sounds to listen to when I am not there.  These MP3's can be purchased and uploaded to your playlist making it really easy to give your pet soothing sounds to listen to. It's as easy as "Alexia, play Sounds for Hounds", or "Alexia, play Classical music".  I love it and so do my puppies!!