Goldendoodles can have a variety of coat colors.  Coat color generally depends on the fur color of the parents.  Goldendoodles do not always stay the same color as they grow into adulthood; it is actually quite common for a puppy's color to lighten significantly.  Thus, a puppy with an apricot color as a puppy may very likely end up with more of a cream color as an adult.  We can not guarantee the puppy's final coat color, coat quality or amount of shedding.  All photos below are of puppies produced by Snickersdoodles unless otherwise noted.  Doodles can come in other colors, but these are the colors we generally produce.  

Cream / Chalk

This color comes in a wide variety of shades but it should be creamy in appearance. It can have tinting of gold/apricot. The nose pigment can be black or rose


Caramel should be the color of real caramel. The range of color can vary between gold and red. Caramel colored dogs need to have rose pigmentation.

Gold / Apricot

The color has been referred to as “apricot” because the standard calls for the color to resemble the inside of a ripe apricot to varying shades of rich dark gold. The color should be even throughout and the roots should not be lighter. The pigment for the nose is black.


True reds should be rich and dark in color and the roots should be no lighter. Sadly, this coat color tends to fade over time. The nose color is to be black.


True chocolates are born almost black in color and maintain the rich dark color throughout their lifetime.

Cafe (faded chocolate)

This color can range between a light milk chocolate to an almost beige. This color develops over the first 1-3 years. Nose pigment should be rose.


Black doodles should be solid in color with no sprinklings of other colors throughout the coat. Their pigment color should be black.


These pups would start out black and their silver coloring develops over the first few years of their lives. The color range can be anywhere from a light pewter to a dark charcoal. Ideally, the color should be solid, but it’s acceptable to have uneven layering of color in the coat. Silver dogs need to have black pigmentation.

Parti / Abstract

A Parti coloured dog has a coat that is at least 50% white with patches of any solid colour


The term abstract refers to dogs with less than 50% white on any solid colour.  This includes white patches on any or all of: feet, chest (tuxedos), chin (milk chin).